Friday, October 2, 2009


Does anybody know what that means? If it means goodbye that's not what I meant to say. I meant to say something that would mean "hello" but sound fancier. So, to be safe, if I've welcomed you with a goodbye, I'll fix it by saying hello. Hello. Now that that's settled, let's get back to work. First off, I'd like to thank "The King's Daughter" for becoming a follower of this blog. Here at Unscripted Inc. we want all of our readers to feel welcomed and appreciated, but we try to give actual followers a written recognition on the blog:) Okay, what's next? Well, I guess I'll mention that we got home at 9:30ish tonight, and we still didn't get every lawn done. [Thurs. and Fri. are our lawn days]. But, we'll hopefully be able to finish the last 3 pretty quickly tomorrow. Oh yeah, we got to finally watch "Expelled" [the movie by Ben Stein]. I really enjoyed it. Actually we all did. It's a documentary, but so well done that you end up getting into it at least as much as a drama [script- based] movie. I would say though, that there's a certain level of maturity that's needed to understand all of the information and dialogue. [There's also a few disturbing images from WWII prison camps]. It was very tastefully done though; and does a great job of pointing out the fact that Darwinian science and a great many scientists, are deathly afraid of and angry at any attempt to question the "Great Oz" of Evolution. It is a subject that begs and deserves our attention. By the way, I have a GenJ meeting this Tues. and it looks like the district director of the Cucinelli campaign is going to speak to us! That should be really interesting. We've been asked to bring any and all of our questions and I'm working on my list.[mentally at least] If any of you readers out there haven't heard of Sen. Ken Cucinelli, he's a home school dad that's running for Attorney General in our lovely state of Virginia. I've had the opportunity to hear him speak several times and he's really a genuine, grass-roots, back to the principles our nation was founded on kind of guy. Anyways, if anyone has any questions for Sen. Cucinelli's guy, I'd be happy to ask them if you'll leave them as a comment. Then I can post all of the answers. [For all the hunters etc. out there, I believe he got the highest possible rating from the NRA];) For the record I've been hunting before, but so far I'm not a hunter. I'm a shooter. [i.e. I shoot at things deer, etc, but miss.] I'm a pretty good threat to clay pigeons though:) Have you ever tried field-dressing a clay pigeon? I can tell you it's not as easy as it looks. Can't say that they taste like much either. Got any recipes? Well, I guess there's nothing left to say but "Ciao!"


  1. Hey Daniel!
    I don't know what Ciao means but just wanted to say that I agree with you about the clay pigeons. I've tried many recipes, and none tasted any better.

  2. As singer who has had to study some Italian, I assure you, "ciao" means hello. :D


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