Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"That Meant Everything"

Hey Everybody! Look- I'm back again before six months ;) But anyways, I just wanted to share with you all a song that I wrote for my sister Rachel who graduated on Saturday [Yay!:) She and I were the first two kids in our family and we've always been great friends and buddies throughout life. I love her very much and she is a huge blessing in my life and the life of our whole family. I wrote this song as I was reflecting back on the years of life that we've traveled through as brother and sister- from the silly things we used to do as kids, to the adventures we've had as we've gotten older, to the joys and the sorrows of life, and how The Lord has been the One who's been there in the hard times and the times of celebration, in the valley and on the mountaintop, and how He has indescribably exciting and fulfilling and beautiful plans for our futures. I hope you all enjoy this song, and that it's a blessing, and I love you Rachel :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Woah! Working in Blogger again is like re-uniting with an old friend... it's been a long time. 
But no, I'm not dead, and I do want to try and keep this blog around... if possible. I've been having a really crazy-full summer and have been doing some real cool stuff, and I hope to put some of that on here -for those who haven't given up on me in my absence- to see. All this to say, hope you all are doing well, and we'll see what comes on here. Good evening!