Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Darwinistic Antithesis to God's Sovriegnity and Providence Over Life and Death

Taken From the Virginian Pilot Editorials on Wednesday, April 28th, 20210

Abortion Option

"With outrage I just read the following in The Pilot:'Gov. Bob McDonnell's effort to restrict government funds from being from being used for abortions.... was sustained by state lawmakers.' My husband and I tutor elementary school children who struggle with reading. My student happens to be one of eight born to an alcoholic mother and suffers from alcohol syndrome. It breaks my heart to look at his physical and mental disfigurement. Shouldn't this woman have been able to obtain an abortion? What are the prospects for this child, and what is /will the state and our illustrious male legislator do for him?"

[I am not disclosing the author's name at this point]

Dear friends and readers, is it really necessary for me to say anything? However, taking the risk of officiousness, I will lay out a few of the many errors that struck me as I read this sad peek into the worldview of a fellow American. Now, I understand that this mindset is common enough, and is a "natural" response of sinful man. Knowing those things though, only spurs me on to push the point farther. Okay, to start here, let me list some of the big errors in this argument coming from this twisted worldview:

1. This viewpoint shows a basic contempt for the sanctity and holiness of life.

2. It rejects the sovereignty of God's Providence that let this child be born into this world [i.e."Shouldn't this mother have been able to obtain an abortion?"].

3. It suggests that a person's worth or value [maybe even right to live] comes from their "potential", or achievements, or physical or mental capabilities. [Instead of a "certain inalienable right" that was directly given by the Jesus Christ to this child.

4. In the repeated cuts on Bob McDonnell and "our illustrious male legislators", the author shows an adherence to feminism and a very socialistic view of government that would elevate the state to the level of Almighty God and would "give" the state the power to determine who should live and who should die. Also, the author basically takes the lawmakers to task for letting a "incompetent drain on society" ever come to life in their state. [Further implying a trust in the State as high priest of this sought-after "utopia".]

So there you have it, an example of the thinking that a nation without the Lord will quickly slide into. This lady was basically saying,"It breaks my heart that this mother let this disgusting child ever be born". She wishes her student was dead! I seem to recall Jesus saying something about the thought of murder being as wrong as the real thing. Once a culture heads down the slippery slope of pride that would allow them to be deceived into thinking that they should be the ones who determine who has the right to live, where will they stop? I shudder to think of who would be next on the "compassionate hit list". Maybe the sick and elderly, maybe "anti-social and reclusive families who refuse to entrust their children to the state". You know, this mindset is not at all new. Hitler would love this article. The truth is, God is the only one who has legitimate authority to decide who lives, and who dies, and when. It it wrong and despicable to attempt to take over His role. I pray that God will turn our nation's heart back to Himself, and that our culture will realize that abortion is murder and murder has always been the easy way out. It's just that in the past, murder is not what Americans have aspired to for their nation.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Moment

Hey guyses! I [sniff], I just want to [sniff], I just want to let you all know that this [sniff], is a very emotional time for me because I just got my first ever blog award. I just need to stop a minute and take this all in.

:) But seriously folks, this is cool. And very gracious of Ms. Ozee the younger [the benefactor]. In essence, my Lady Catherine De Bourgh. [yeah, yeah, I watched it with my sisters. And actually, I enjoyed it pretty well.] So anyways, here it is for your admiration. I have to think for awhile about who I'll award it to. See you all later!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey guys! How's it going? Sorry about not posting for quite some time, but we've been quite busy. Work has started to pick up, and on top of that, we've been working on the Walker's mobile home project. I've had some great ideas for posts [and I'm not discarding them], but I just haven't had the opportunity of time+energy to write them out. So, here's a question I've been wondering about: Would any of you followers be interested to see any video blog posts on here? [You know, instead of a written post, a video of me talking.] I love writing posts and I'm going to keep doing that, but I didn't know if it might be a fun variation. Let me know. Hey, another thing is that Matthew and I have had time for some pretty great volleyball practice! We've been working on the "bump, set, spike" routine with just the two of us. We had alot of fun. On the other hand, I have been feeling really old! My knees have been killing me for the past week or two. [I think it's the sliding to a stop and twisting around from volleyball. I have evidence too because my shoes that I just bought in Feb. have holes worn through the soles ;) So, I guess you all heard that this past weekend we hosted a percussion ensemble party for my Uncle David's students. That was really cool. I'd met several of them on different occasions, so it wasn't real awkward or anything. This one guy is a guitar player, so we had some fun with that :) We also played speed volleyball and that was pretty hilarious. See, alot of them kind of came with the "ODU Norfolk kid" attitude. Not anything mean, but just a "cool kid" thing. When we got into speed vb though, these guys went crazy! Some were real good, but at least as many were chasing the ball all over the field and yelling and waving their arms etc., etc. [We did some of that too ;) There was this one guy who was on a team with one of our friends who would stand there and say, "oh yeah! I'm feelin' it!" We wondered what exactly he was feeling because it wasn't really the ball. ;) [Please note that I'm not trying to pick on these guys, because I do the same kind of stuff, and it's just really funny!] So that was a great time, and that's my recap of it! Well hey, it's been fun blogging here, but I've got to run, so hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Music Tag

Hey everybody! To Miss Butler: Very sorry about the length of time it's taken to get this tag done! Please accept our deepest apologies and condolences. Also, please accept this video as the answer to the problem. Matthew and I made this thing [along with Sarah the techie girl], and we had alot of fun. [At least I did, you'll have to ask him if he did ;) So anyways, here it is for the blogging world to see. Also, let me set down a few pre-requisites: this is our first music video, and as such, you may notice a few "bobbles". [such as the tape squeal toward the end]. We could say that's artistic license, but that would be dishonest. One last thing, bear in mind that I am no Mac Powell, and my voice was kind of worn out after all the takes we did. [Though Rachel says that should make me sound just like him ;) Now, on the other hand, I certainly don't mean to demean our fine music video- in fact, we are pretty pleased. It was definitely fun, and we would love to do some more! [Also, be on the lookout for another one from the Daniel Matthew's Band featuring the talents of renowned rhythm guitarist Katie Wilson...........

So, what'd you all think? Please leave comments!! See you all later.

P.S. Mr. Oldest of Many is co-poster on this here post.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow! Just...Wow!

Hello to Everyone out there! I know I haven't posted for awhile-I was leaving that last post up there to catch some more comments. Commenting has been kinda slow! Do I hear an echo? Now I'm sounding like Matthew! ;) I thought I'd let you all know two very exciting things that I am about to step into: First off, I am under contract to make a film for Malaprop Studios. They are a rising film company run by a few families. They have asked me to direct, and co-star in a film based in World War Two. But I can't tell you many details, because I am under strict silence. Check out their webpage here. This is really exciting for me. They contacted me after seeing the PRA commercial I worked on, and really loved the technical filming, and also my acting.
The second exciting thing, is that I have found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with! My sister Rachel describes her this way: 'She has soulful brown eyes, and sleek black hair. She is very thin, weighing only 60 pounds. Her family ancestry is Germanic.'
I can't tell you how much I love her. I found her hanging around the V.B. animal shelter, and she is such a tenderhearted thing. But she has arthritis in her hip, even though she is only 7 years old. For several years we have officially "adopted" her, but now I think it's time to move onto something more serious.

APRIL FOOLS!!! This is Rachel hijacking Daniel's blog, and by the way, the woman I speak of is none other than our dog, Licorice who is part German Shephard and Black Lab. Oh. And the movie thing is fake too. But the link does really work! :)