Monday, April 5, 2010

Music Tag

Hey everybody! To Miss Butler: Very sorry about the length of time it's taken to get this tag done! Please accept our deepest apologies and condolences. Also, please accept this video as the answer to the problem. Matthew and I made this thing [along with Sarah the techie girl], and we had alot of fun. [At least I did, you'll have to ask him if he did ;) So anyways, here it is for the blogging world to see. Also, let me set down a few pre-requisites: this is our first music video, and as such, you may notice a few "bobbles". [such as the tape squeal toward the end]. We could say that's artistic license, but that would be dishonest. One last thing, bear in mind that I am no Mac Powell, and my voice was kind of worn out after all the takes we did. [Though Rachel says that should make me sound just like him ;) Now, on the other hand, I certainly don't mean to demean our fine music video- in fact, we are pretty pleased. It was definitely fun, and we would love to do some more! [Also, be on the lookout for another one from the Daniel Matthew's Band featuring the talents of renowned rhythm guitarist Katie Wilson...........

So, what'd you all think? Please leave comments!! See you all later.

P.S. Mr. Oldest of Many is co-poster on this here post.


  1. Ooo, Sorry about the lettering. some transfer mess-up.

  2. It's the loddydoddyda song! (That's what me and Sam call it ;) Well done!

    And if one of the Butler girls reads this, would you please pass this on to Kendal: We are experiencing technical complications with our movie making program, thus the lack of "I wanna live like Methuseluh." I haven't forgotten, and it will be posted when the complications have been resolved!

  3. Great job Daniel and Matthew.
    Sounds good.

  4. Y'all did a wonderful job.



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