Friday, October 30, 2009

Jokin' Around

Hey guys! I don't know if anyone caught it last month [maybe because you had never heard of this blog last month if you're new], but I had wondered in one of my posts if anyone had a favorite joke that they'd like to share. I didn't get any responses though. So here's the deal: I think that the problem may have been that I just kind of stuck it in between the rest of my ramblings that day. Miss Kendal suggested on Rachel's blog that a joke request would draw a huge response. I have decided to take her advice for myself and give all you readers a chance to salvage your humor reputation. If ANYONE has any good, clean, hilarious [or even not so hilarious] jokes BRING THEM ON! If we get a really good turn out, I might even pick my favorite and give that person quite a commendation as a joke teller :) I KNOW that between just a few of the readers of this blog I could start a comedy club [mr. greenblog, talkalot, and many of the rest of you]. So for the sake of joke-tellers and enjoyers everywhere, send them on in. [For the moment I'm not going to give you one of my own for fear that it might be the one you were going to do. I'll probably put one as a comment though]. Hope to see lots of :) ;) :) [smiles] !

Oh, by the way, I heard the suits talking about starting a Q&A for "Unscripted". They know that it's been done recently, but they realized it was only girls so far. Keep watching.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nocturnal Monologue

That's what "nighttime blog post" turns into if you think about it too much : ) So anyways, I am here at night posting for the first time this week. I have been a little slack in posting for two reasons: the first is that I/we have been extremely busy this week. [though that's no excuse for some of you I know]. This brings me to my second reason: Several of the other bloggers in my blogging community have been keeping tabs on me [or I've been working at their house] and posting those on their blogs. Hence, it's probably old news to tell you all that I was working at all sorts of odd jobs and yard work at the Wilson's for Tuesday and Wednesday. You probably also know that the reason we went over there was to help get ready for Morgan's graduation on Saturday. So what do I post? I guess I'll tell you about some fringe things that I did in the cracks in between. Let's see, on Monday we did a small pruning and mulch job in V.B. We worked pretty late that night in a wonderful Fall mist and generally blustery evening. [ the lady at the 7-eleven afterwords said in reference to my appearance, "you soaki wet!"] Tuesday at the Wilson's for me was all sorts of bush and shrub trimming and pruning. As well as limbing up the crepe myrtles down the drive way. It came out pretty well. Oh- On Tuesday afternoon Mr. Scott sent me down to Capron with the stock trailer to pick up 3,000 lbs. of feed for the animals. That was a good trip. On Wed. I went back to the Wilson's with Dad and Anna and Leah to finish up the yard work and do other little things. Mom came and picked up the little Wilson's to take them back to our house for the afternoon. She also took Anna back and dropped Leah off at the Thompson's house. When I was done that evening, I drove over to the Thompson's to pick her up. I was supposed to time it right so that we could play some volley ball, but I stayed too late doing milking shows for the Wilson's. [much to some people's good natured chagrin : ) Well, the Ts took pity on my muddy and grassy appearance and fed me a turkey sandwich, freshly grown broccoli, and tortilla chips with salsa. They even gave me an homemade apple dumpling for dessert! [here's a little side note: I made Mom and the girls jealous by telling them about the dessert, so they got the recipe today and made them tonight! :) Okay, today was lawns with Matthew, and they went well. He faithfully brought his Ipod, [Thanks lil' music buddy :) and we only got drizzled on a little bit. One last thing, please remember that next Tues. is voting day! Please be active in your role as a representative of Christ in our Nation! Also, I think this weekend is time change time. [that's a little random] Well, I think I'm going to go try one of those apple dumplings! I hope you all have a good night!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

In Which The Gentleman From Va. Tells About His Sunday

Today was Sunday. Yep that's what it was. Suunndaayy. Yup. I'm not talking about Saturday or Friday, but good ol' Sunday. Okay guys, that's a filler if I ever saw one:) Well hey, we have some important business at hand! Ahem, ahem, ahem, I would like to personally thank Mr. Daniel Tate and Miss Abigail for signing on as the most recent followers of this helter-skelter business that we're about here. :) O.K. that's enough with the formalities. Ooh. Look at the nice brace of dueling pistols up there. [but please don't read anything into them-none of you guys get to me that bad]. :) :[] ; ) These little pea-shooters were photographed up in Boston-nice place- when the girls and I were visiting our Aunt and Uncle a couple of years ago. Anyways, back to today. We hosted church at our house because some of the Wrights hadn't been feeling too well. It was quite a crowd because the Thompsons had brought some friends that were visiting them [the H. family] Plus, almost everybody else was there. I love when we have church at our house; and I especially love when alot of people come to church -wherever it's at. We had Bible Boot Camp time and then went out to play volley ball and many other wonderful games for the afternoon. By the way, I feel positively OLD tonight. I'm sore, and tired, and when I sit too long in one position, it hurts so much to get out of it. Man, maybe someone needs to cut up my food for me. Or just blend it all up so I can drink it. [ Or maybe I just did a good bit of sliding and jumping and running today and I stayed up late last night : ) So after everyone had left from church, some of the Thompsons stayed over for dinner. That was fun! [for the record, us kids love impromptu plans]. One other thing about church. Uncle David brought the drum set again! After we wrapped up with the actual "service", some of us gathered around and had a little jam session. That was fun too! O.K. guys, I'm gonna' go see what the commentary on "Nanny McPhee" looks like. Bye!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So, we meet again. Hey guys, what do you think of our ski picture? This is from our trip to NY last Feb. For all of you Narnia fans out there, this was as close as it gets to Lucy's first visit:) Anyway, you might be getting irritated with the "wintery" feel of these last two posts, but let me explain. I just finished practicing my Christmas music on my guitar. It can get a little frustrating because I really want to learn some cool arrangements this year. Needless to say, I'm no Mac Powell, or SCC, or even some one-album artist; so when it comes to arranging music pieces I don't have much [or any] experience. Nevertheless, I've been intently studying some of my favorite C.d.s, and I hope to come up with at least a few pretty neat things by December. But hey, it's also fun and good practice. So that's the roundabout reason that I have Winter and Christmas on my mind. And that led me to pick this little photo to show you all. [Yeah, that's how my brain works sometimes:) Alrighty, today we went over to the Tate's in the morning and "processed" our chickens. [appearantly process is a very versatile word, because I've been through several different kinds of processes in my life and I'm still alive and well. Unlike the chickens.] After that we had planned to do lawns, but looking at the today and tomorrow, we decided that we'd stay around the house and do equipment repairs and truck work.[That's the other side of a landscape business]. Hey! Lots of thanks to Oliver! He left me this tip about the timezone thing for the blog posts. [He left it as a comment on two posts back]. Anyways, no I hadn't found that out yet, but as soon as I heard I fixed it up. Thanks again! So now if I do one of my late-night postings I can't hide it by 3 hours:) Anyways, that's most of what I've got for now. Oh! One more thing actually. On Saturday it looks like I get to go with the Wrights to a Tim Hawkins concert! He's a really funny guy! Okay, that's it. See yous guys later!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thurs. Eve

Do you get it? If Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas, than Thurs. Eve is the day before Thurs. [Today:) Okay, I know, I know, cheesy and complicated. Well, we just finished cleaning up after dinner [which was chicken that we got from the Alexanders- it was delicious guys, thanks again!]. I don't know about the rest of you, but our Fall is in full swing and even coming on towards thinking about the holidays! Our schedule is pretty busy and full. However, if I haven't told you yet, the time from about now through New Year's is one of my absolute Favorite times of the year! It's usually packed with work as well as parties, bonfires, candy corns, pumpkins, scarecrows, hot cider, friends, family, present making, and, well, you get the picture. I love the Fall and I probably love even more as the end of the Fall ushers in the time of early winter and looking expectantly toward the celebration of our Savior's birth. [More on that as we get closer to the end of the Fall]. Hey, sorry if I just about blew the tops off of the people's heads who are still trying to finish up Summer. In many ways we are too. I guess I just got excited looking ahead. Well I know this doesn't have anything to do with the price of tea in China for Wed., Oct. 21st; so I'll move on to some pertinent topics that are at hand. We met the Wilsons over at a place in Norfolk so that they could pick out the cabinets for their kitchen remodeling job. Then we went to work finishing up lawns and picked up the cabinets for the Wilsons on the way home. Tomorrow it looks like we're going to process our broiler chickens in the morning. [Sarah's excited to get rid of them:) In the truck today, I played the William Wallace talk for Rachel because she didn't get to hear it when Dad and I did. Oh! Just for fun I'll tell you all about a dilemma I'm having. I am trying to figure out the deal about the San Antonio Christian Filmmakers Academy. I have heard several different stories about when it is going to be held along with something about another event called the filmmakers boot camp. I'm a little confused and have gotten in contact w/Vision Forum themselves so that they can clear it up for me. If any of you happen to have heard something about it that I haven't heard, please let me know:) So that's what's going on. I think I'm gonna' get going too. See you all later!


Hi guys! I've gotta make this really quick. 2 things- first , last night I went to a Republican H.Q. and phone-banked for the evening with GenJ. They had some cool machines over there, and we felt kinda fancy. Second, when I got home I found out that the Walkers had given Dad the This Moment Steven C. Chapman C.d.! And I had just been talking about wanting more S.C.C. c.d.s! I loaded it to the mp3 and I'm sure we'll enjoy it today! See you guys later and have a great day!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi everybody! I just wanted to give you all some news that I heard yesterday but didn't post on the blog. [drum roll please.] ratta-tatta-ratta-tatta-rat-tat-tat! Here it is: at church I was informed that the results were in for the Parental Rights ProClaim Video Contest! And not only that, but we placed 2 Times!!! We came in first place in the Youth category with the older kid commercial, and second place in the commercial category [all ages if I'm correct]! Here's a big thank-you to everyone who helped out with those projects. They were a ton of fun and I can't wait to do the next one! Thank you God also for allowing our little commercials to do really well in a nation-wide contest! You know, we really had a great time working on the videos and it also was a great chance to have to put into words and shots our beliefs and convictions about this battle in our country. [though it was actually Grace Tate and her friends who planned most of that out:) [But we were like, "yeah that's just what I was thinking" ;) So anyway, it would have been still really fun if it never went any farther than that, but God decided to give us the encouragement of the contest results as well! I pray that this encourages us and spurs us on to proclaim the Lord's Truth even louder than before. So congratulations guys, and I hope to see you soon! Hey, if you haven't seen the finished commercials or you want to see them again, just click here [our videos are " We Too Support the Parental Rights Amendment" and "From the Very Beginning, Mom and Dad" See you all later!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Visit to Avery's Branch Farm

The sunrise over some of the farm's outbuildings

Hey guys! How's everybody doing? It's Sunday night and I am finally getting a chance to slow down and think about my weekend. I got back last night from spending a few days with the Alexander family at their farm in Amelia. I thought that I'd post a quick run-down of the time that we had; along with a few pictures that I grabbed from my video. So here it goes:) I left my house on Thursday in my trusty old Subaru with map-quested directions in hand and my stuff in the back seat. It was rainy and gray out; but I had a fresh load of songs on my mp3 player and expected to enjoy the drive. After stopping for some lunch on Rt.460, I finished the rest of the drive in one chunk and was blessed to see the full beauty of fall as I got farther and north and west. When I got to the Alexander's, their dog Sammy greeted me as I made my way up to the house. Mrs. Alexander welcomed me into the house and called Elliott and Oliver in from the barn. They toured me all around the place and it is a really nice set-up. [If I'm correct, it was a fairly large dairy operation at one time.] After the tour, it was time for the evening chores. They showed me the ropes [and guys, I hope I didn't come off too, too, naive:), and I got to see the typical drill.

Milking time

We had a great dinner and played a card game until bedtime. We woke up at 5:00 the next morning to what sounded like a orchestral fanfare and scared me half to death:) Elliott took pity on me and gave me some coffee to help me finish waking up:) It was actually really cool to be doing a bunch of stuff outside before there was any hint of light in the sky.[seeing as I hardly ever do that]. I got to help with the chickens a good bit [which was neat because it was kind of like the stuff we do for ours- though on a much larger scale and with many improvements]. Speaking of improvements, I took away some really good ideas for waterers and double-checked a feeder design for our chickens. [Thanks guys!]. Oh! Right here I have to mention the attack turkeys. I'm sure it was quite amusing for my hosts, but every time I went to feed the turkeys, they all surrounded me and pecked and herded me to their feeder. I've never seen The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, but it seemed like this might be pretty close.

The Attack Turkeys-go on, laugh, they're alot fiercer than they look!

For the rest of Fri. we processed 112 chickens and got really cold. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander left [to go deliver milk I think], and us boys made dinner. It was the ideal meal for workers that are tired and wet and cold: ham steaks, chicken tenders, and pork sausage. Actually, Oliver made dinner while Elliott and I sat out on the porch with him while he grilled it all up. The rest of the family patiently waited for our masterpiece:) and we all had an excellent [though maybe a little late] dinner. That night we played Balderdash once Mr. and Mrs. Alexander had returned. Mr. Alexander won, and we got ready to go upstairs. Right them we had a scare because Elliott had what turned out to be a seizure. He had to go to the hospital and didn't get back until 6:30 in the morning. Thankfully he was feeling much better on Saturday after Oliver and I came in from doing the morning chores.[It was good to see you back to more of yourself Elliott, and you're definatley in our prayers]. For the rest of Sat. we didn't really have any pressing thing to do, so we went upstairs and played our instruments for a little while. For the last bit of the afternoon, we looked at some Ray Comfort and Tim Hawkins videos on the computer. I headed out after saying goodbye to everyone and being sent off with some farm's wares to take home.[Thank you all very much, we made the best hot chocolate today with some of the milk!] I had a great trip home and was reunited with my family and sisters who had just gotten back from camp. All in all, I had a wonderful and blessed time [although there was plenty of excitement]. Thanks to the Alexander family for having me out, and I hope to see you all soon!

O.K., I better get going, but here's some other pictures for you:

Here's the barn and cow stalls,

Here's the cows in the stalls,

Here's Oliver outside of one of the hoop houses,

And last but not least, here's little Miss Sheridan with the pillow that she named after me. She calls it her "children":) Can you see the resemblance to me? :)

Goodbye everyone, and have a good week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Don't worry anybody! It's OK, it's OK! Settle Down, take a deep breath, there you go, that's it. I AM BACK! I'm sure everyone's been wondering where I went since my last post was last Friday. Well, your worries are over............. Yeah, right. This is probably the first time most people have visited this blog since Friday. [go on, raise your hands.] The uh, statement back up there should probably be for me. What I mean is this. Our Internet provider got some things all mixed up back at their office, and that resulted in our not having Internet access since Fri. or Sat. I haven't been able to check my e-mails, post on the blog, or anything. I think I was getting slightly panicked. I made some calls though, and they finally got everything straightened out. That's why It's such a [sniff] big moment for me to sign back on. Okay, let's get back down to earth here. Whew! So much has happened since last weekend. First and foremost, I would like to thank Katie, Morgan, and Oliver for signing on as followers of these rabbit-traily blogs. Secondly, speaking of Mr. Oliver, I found out that the he, using the best of his secret-keeping and espionage skills to start up a blog [for several weeks I'm told] without anybody finding out. Then, his sister, [you know, the one with the famous blog "Striving To Serve At Home"] found him out and blew his cover all over cyberspace! :) All right, if any of you want to know how paintball went- it was great! The Hauseworth family has turned several acres [I'm estimating] of their woods into a real paintball park! [Minus the admission fees] Over the years they have dug and hammered and nailed and thatched and burrowed to build a veritable colony of different forts, fox holes, and trenches. I think that Aaron K. also had a lot to do with it. Anyway, I Map-Quested the address and didn't really have any problem getting there. We split into teams, and started the war! I won't bore you with all of the really cool, brave, and daring things we did, [nor will I bore you with the much more prevalent uncool, nervous, and clumsy things that I did]. Suffice it to say that it was just what I needed. It poured rain for part of the day, I got my boots soaked, we drank Gatorade, and I did end up actually getting some people out. Yay! I met Mom and the girls at Wal-Mart where they were picking up some last minute camp things, and then I drove home. Which brings me to the next bit of info. Aliens have abducted a great portion of the sisters from some of our close friends and family. Or they're all at Daughters of Destiny camp for the week. Well, they got Rachel and Sarah with the rest of them and I've been kind of lonely for the week. [I have been having fun with the rest of the kids though; I took Leah and Anna to breakfast at the cafe and we had a great time eating and talking and goofing around]. O.K. I'm going to get going because I'm scheduled to go out to the Alexander's tomorrow to visit them and help out with chores and projects and stuff for a couple of days. [maybe I'll try to find out all of the "how to make great blogs" information and scribble it down to sell to all of my friends back home. :) Just kidding! Alright, please pray for the girls at camp, and I'll try to post soon!

Friday, October 9, 2009

In Which The Gentleman From Va. Starts his weekend

Happy Friday evening to the various and sundry! Yours Truly is dirty, dusty, hat-haired, and generally physically tired out.[My mind is just getting going for the night though]. All of the contracted aerating and seeding is done, and the lawns that didn't get seed got mowed today. So that means that our customer work week is over:) Now don't get me wrong with my smiley face there; I believe that work is a very good thing that is enjoyable to do, and we also have some really nice customers; but, there is a distinct "Take-a-big-breath-and-kick-off-your-shoes-after-the-tiring-dusty-day-and-get-ready-to-spend-some-time-taking-care-of-some-things-around-your-own-house-and-spend-some-time-restoring-with-friends-and-family-and-driving-around-with-your-sisters-and-going-to-church-etc.-etc." feeling about a weekend that just is so timely and needed that you can't really beat it. Hence, my smiley face:) Well it looks like I'll get to start off my Sat. by going to a paintball game with some of the church boys that Aaron K. told me about earlier this week. I am slightly nervous though, because as some of you may know, well to put it frankly: I just about can't stand the sight of a snake. "What does this have to do with paint balling?" you might ask. Well, last week the people who's house we're going to found and killed a pretty big rattle snake. Ugh. [not the killing part, but the durn snake itself] So here's what my dilemma is: should I take comfort in the fact that since they've never found one before, the chances should be really slim to see one now that they just killed the only one they ever saw, OR, should I be scared to death because where there's one, there's probably more. Or even a nest of more. Creeps. So, that's my deal. Any thoughts from any of you folks out there? Is there anyone who shares my non-affections for snakes? Oh, well, if I'm here after tomorrow I'll let you know how it went. Or maybe they'd let me use Wi-Fi from Chesapeake General Hospital.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainy Day

Good Morning everybody! Please do not be depressed by the title of this blog- I love rainy days! I'm excited as I see that Fall has definitely moved in. The air is cool and breezy and the "deciduous"[that's a big landscaper word for "trees that lose their leaves in the fall"] trees are really showing their colors. The Fall and most of Winter are some of my absolute favorite seasons. I know that my birthday's in there, but I don't think it's just that:) Well, here's some updates. "The King's Daughter" let our family borrow some DVDs. One featured Little Bear Wheeler and his talk about the life of William Wallace.[I'm finding some neat people in history that have my middle name for a first name.] That was really interesting, but I can't stand to hear about the way he died. The other DVD was Voddie Bauchum's talk on defending the Resurrection of Jesus. That was a great one as well. Okay, last night was GenJ and Cuccinelli's district campaign manager guy came and spoke to us about Ken and what we could do to help him if we were so inclined. If I can come up with some free time, I may be doing some door-to-door or sign waving or phone banking etc. [However, if you've been to my house recently, you've probably noticed my regiment of signs lining the road front]. Our aerating and seeding is coming along pretty well, and if we go to work today, I think we hope to finish. Hey did I mention that I'm reading the Federalist Papers? It's a book of editorials that were sent in to New York newspapers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, during the time that our country was deciding whether or not to ratify our constitution. These were called the Federalist Papers and were in support of the Constitution. Can you guess what the Anti-Federalist Papers were? Hope that you all have a good day, and I'll post again soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Good Sunday evening to you all. [I guess I should say ya'll if I live in the country:) Hope that everbody had a good time at church or whatever else you did for you heathens[hee!hee!]
Well, as for us, we hosted our home church at our house. The trip to church took forever though, all those stairs to walk down and everything:) So all of that went well. Uncle David brought his drum set over for worship time, and Dad played his bass while Katie, Justin, and I played our guitars. I always love that. After church, we had to eat lunch pretty quickly because I ended up taking Matthew, Rachel and Sarah to the Life Chain.[I explained what that is on yesterday's post] Anyway, we got our signs and ended up having enough people show up to line about two blocks of V.B. blvd. on both sides of the street! It was a really great time to pray for and think about the need for God to change our country's heart in relation to abortion. We got to see the Crane family afterwords, [Mr. David Crane is the local organizer of Life Chain and the president of Life Ministries]. It turns out that one of their daughters is engaged to an old friend of ours that we haven't been in touch with for a long time. That was cool. By the way, I think I got the info I posted yesterday kind of mixed up. Life Ministries did not start Life Chain, David Crane just organizes this chapter of it. But hey. So we had a good time with that, and I ended up switching cars with Mr. Larry to take the Wright boys home. He came over later and re-switched cars. So that's my day. I'll keep you all up to date this week, and I hope you all have a good week yourselves!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How Are We?

Hey guys, how's everybody out there this afternoon? As for me, I'm doing pretty well. I stayed up late and got up early. Dad and I ate breakfast at the little cafe in our little town. We got there before it opened but they let us in anyway. We left there and had 3 lawns to finish in V.B. Then we went by the Music and Arts store to get strings for Dad's bass guitar and while we were there he bought me a capo. [I'd had one, but over the summer it disappeared] Then Dad wanted to see if a tire place could put some tires on the trailer. I wanted to get home to get my chores and things done[plus maybe have some "weekend" time] but we decided to just go by and "see if they had a waiting line or not". Once we got there [and there was a bit of a line] we walked up to "see how long the wait was". Of course we ended up waiting and getting the tires. I did want to get home sooner than we did, but now we know that we won't have to worry about one of those tires blowing out on the road.[They were really quite bad]. So all in all, it was probably worth it. Once we got back, I did end up getting all of my stuff done. Sarah helped me clean out and wash the Subaru until Mom and Rachel got back from a nutritionist appointment. Right now I'm trying to figure out something fun and "weekendy" to do. Any ideas? Hey, tomorrow is the Life Chain event. I haven't really mentioned it on here, so I'll give a brief run-down. Life Chain is an annual event started by Life Ministries to pray for the end of abbortion= the legalized murder of the children of our country. It's also trying to raise awareness about the issue of abortion in our community. It's held on the sidewalk at the corner of Va. Beach blvd. and Independance blvd. We silently line the sidewalk holding signs that say "abortion kills children". It's not a demonstration or a rally. It's a time to pray about this issue and for our country's repentance and forgiveness in this area. It lasts an hour and then you pretty much head home. I haven't recieved the final word 0n if we're going or who's going, but we've done it in the past and it's really neat. So that's that. By the way, the picture at the top is one I took in D.C. [no foolin':) I just thought that the capitol looked cool in the fog. Well hey, I'm gonna sign out for now. Hope you're having a good weekend!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Does anybody know what that means? If it means goodbye that's not what I meant to say. I meant to say something that would mean "hello" but sound fancier. So, to be safe, if I've welcomed you with a goodbye, I'll fix it by saying hello. Hello. Now that that's settled, let's get back to work. First off, I'd like to thank "The King's Daughter" for becoming a follower of this blog. Here at Unscripted Inc. we want all of our readers to feel welcomed and appreciated, but we try to give actual followers a written recognition on the blog:) Okay, what's next? Well, I guess I'll mention that we got home at 9:30ish tonight, and we still didn't get every lawn done. [Thurs. and Fri. are our lawn days]. But, we'll hopefully be able to finish the last 3 pretty quickly tomorrow. Oh yeah, we got to finally watch "Expelled" [the movie by Ben Stein]. I really enjoyed it. Actually we all did. It's a documentary, but so well done that you end up getting into it at least as much as a drama [script- based] movie. I would say though, that there's a certain level of maturity that's needed to understand all of the information and dialogue. [There's also a few disturbing images from WWII prison camps]. It was very tastefully done though; and does a great job of pointing out the fact that Darwinian science and a great many scientists, are deathly afraid of and angry at any attempt to question the "Great Oz" of Evolution. It is a subject that begs and deserves our attention. By the way, I have a GenJ meeting this Tues. and it looks like the district director of the Cucinelli campaign is going to speak to us! That should be really interesting. We've been asked to bring any and all of our questions and I'm working on my list.[mentally at least] If any of you readers out there haven't heard of Sen. Ken Cucinelli, he's a home school dad that's running for Attorney General in our lovely state of Virginia. I've had the opportunity to hear him speak several times and he's really a genuine, grass-roots, back to the principles our nation was founded on kind of guy. Anyways, if anyone has any questions for Sen. Cucinelli's guy, I'd be happy to ask them if you'll leave them as a comment. Then I can post all of the answers. [For all the hunters etc. out there, I believe he got the highest possible rating from the NRA];) For the record I've been hunting before, but so far I'm not a hunter. I'm a shooter. [i.e. I shoot at things deer, etc, but miss.] I'm a pretty good threat to clay pigeons though:) Have you ever tried field-dressing a clay pigeon? I can tell you it's not as easy as it looks. Can't say that they taste like much either. Got any recipes? Well, I guess there's nothing left to say but "Ciao!"