Sunday, October 4, 2009


Good Sunday evening to you all. [I guess I should say ya'll if I live in the country:) Hope that everbody had a good time at church or whatever else you did for you heathens[hee!hee!]
Well, as for us, we hosted our home church at our house. The trip to church took forever though, all those stairs to walk down and everything:) So all of that went well. Uncle David brought his drum set over for worship time, and Dad played his bass while Katie, Justin, and I played our guitars. I always love that. After church, we had to eat lunch pretty quickly because I ended up taking Matthew, Rachel and Sarah to the Life Chain.[I explained what that is on yesterday's post] Anyway, we got our signs and ended up having enough people show up to line about two blocks of V.B. blvd. on both sides of the street! It was a really great time to pray for and think about the need for God to change our country's heart in relation to abortion. We got to see the Crane family afterwords, [Mr. David Crane is the local organizer of Life Chain and the president of Life Ministries]. It turns out that one of their daughters is engaged to an old friend of ours that we haven't been in touch with for a long time. That was cool. By the way, I think I got the info I posted yesterday kind of mixed up. Life Ministries did not start Life Chain, David Crane just organizes this chapter of it. But hey. So we had a good time with that, and I ended up switching cars with Mr. Larry to take the Wright boys home. He came over later and re-switched cars. So that's my day. I'll keep you all up to date this week, and I hope you all have a good week yourselves!


  1. Hey daniel, just wanted to tell you that I wrote my first blog. remember


  2. I'm sorry I missed all the good music, but I'm glad y'all had a good service. Maybe I'll catch it next time. Thanks for taking the time to go and pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer!


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