Friday, October 30, 2009

Jokin' Around

Hey guys! I don't know if anyone caught it last month [maybe because you had never heard of this blog last month if you're new], but I had wondered in one of my posts if anyone had a favorite joke that they'd like to share. I didn't get any responses though. So here's the deal: I think that the problem may have been that I just kind of stuck it in between the rest of my ramblings that day. Miss Kendal suggested on Rachel's blog that a joke request would draw a huge response. I have decided to take her advice for myself and give all you readers a chance to salvage your humor reputation. If ANYONE has any good, clean, hilarious [or even not so hilarious] jokes BRING THEM ON! If we get a really good turn out, I might even pick my favorite and give that person quite a commendation as a joke teller :) I KNOW that between just a few of the readers of this blog I could start a comedy club [mr. greenblog, talkalot, and many of the rest of you]. So for the sake of joke-tellers and enjoyers everywhere, send them on in. [For the moment I'm not going to give you one of my own for fear that it might be the one you were going to do. I'll probably put one as a comment though]. Hope to see lots of :) ;) :) [smiles] !

Oh, by the way, I heard the suits talking about starting a Q&A for "Unscripted". They know that it's been done recently, but they realized it was only girls so far. Keep watching.


  1. Well, I hope you don't differentiate between jokes and riddles, because I have to share our family's favorate riddle- "Where did Hitler keep his armies?" "In his sleeveies!" It's sooo hilarious when you tell it, because it takes most people forever to get it. I might leave another later on. Hope to see y'all at the Wilsons! -Kendal

  2. Hey Daniel,
    one of my favs. is "There was a new pastor in town and he needed to get to the post office to mail something. So he asks this kid were it is and he says 'you go bout' a mile on this block and its on your left.' The pastor then says 'Well, I'm the new pastor and I will tell you how you get to heaven this sunday at church.' Well, the kid says in return 'How ya gonna do that mister? you didn't even know how to the post office.':) Sorry, it is bit of a longer one.

  3. I can't think of a funny joke to leave right now, maybe later. Matthew, I've heard that one before. It's pretty funny. Daniel, where's your joke. I know you have some good ones.


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