Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Don't worry anybody! It's OK, it's OK! Settle Down, take a deep breath, there you go, that's it. I AM BACK! I'm sure everyone's been wondering where I went since my last post was last Friday. Well, your worries are over............. Yeah, right. This is probably the first time most people have visited this blog since Friday. [go on, raise your hands.] The uh, statement back up there should probably be for me. What I mean is this. Our Internet provider got some things all mixed up back at their office, and that resulted in our not having Internet access since Fri. or Sat. I haven't been able to check my e-mails, post on the blog, or anything. I think I was getting slightly panicked. I made some calls though, and they finally got everything straightened out. That's why It's such a [sniff] big moment for me to sign back on. Okay, let's get back down to earth here. Whew! So much has happened since last weekend. First and foremost, I would like to thank Katie, Morgan, and Oliver for signing on as followers of these rabbit-traily blogs. Secondly, speaking of Mr. Oliver, I found out that the he, using the best of his secret-keeping and espionage skills to start up a blog [for several weeks I'm told] without anybody finding out. Then, his sister, [you know, the one with the famous blog "Striving To Serve At Home"] found him out and blew his cover all over cyberspace! :) All right, if any of you want to know how paintball went- it was great! The Hauseworth family has turned several acres [I'm estimating] of their woods into a real paintball park! [Minus the admission fees] Over the years they have dug and hammered and nailed and thatched and burrowed to build a veritable colony of different forts, fox holes, and trenches. I think that Aaron K. also had a lot to do with it. Anyway, I Map-Quested the address and didn't really have any problem getting there. We split into teams, and started the war! I won't bore you with all of the really cool, brave, and daring things we did, [nor will I bore you with the much more prevalent uncool, nervous, and clumsy things that I did]. Suffice it to say that it was just what I needed. It poured rain for part of the day, I got my boots soaked, we drank Gatorade, and I did end up actually getting some people out. Yay! I met Mom and the girls at Wal-Mart where they were picking up some last minute camp things, and then I drove home. Which brings me to the next bit of info. Aliens have abducted a great portion of the sisters from some of our close friends and family. Or they're all at Daughters of Destiny camp for the week. Well, they got Rachel and Sarah with the rest of them and I've been kind of lonely for the week. [I have been having fun with the rest of the kids though; I took Leah and Anna to breakfast at the cafe and we had a great time eating and talking and goofing around]. O.K. I'm going to get going because I'm scheduled to go out to the Alexander's tomorrow to visit them and help out with chores and projects and stuff for a couple of days. [maybe I'll try to find out all of the "how to make great blogs" information and scribble it down to sell to all of my friends back home. :) Just kidding! Alright, please pray for the girls at camp, and I'll try to post soon!


  1. Man...phew...(big gulp of air) I didn't think I was going to make it. Don't leave me hangin' like that for so long man! Just teezin'. Anyway, I hope you have a good time at the Alexander's.

    Oh, by the way, make sure you thank your little sister cauze she and I are doing the lawns on friday:)

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Have you heard from Rachel and Sarah? I'm sure they're having a great time! Have fun at the Alexanders! What are your parents going to do without their oldest three? :)

  3. Hey Daniel,
    awesome! It sounds like fun!
    Yeah man, we were gettin' worried over here!Hehe...

    Morgan and I will buy the information from you if you can secure it:)

  4. Hey guys, I heard from Joanna T. that the girls made it up safely on Sunday.[Though they looked a little car weary].The only other things I've heard are that some dogs broke up the basket weaving class, and Mrs. T has a really sore toe. [And none of this is from the girls- I guess they're avoiding me]. We have spies in the Thompsons though :) [Mom and Ms. Joanne have talked a couple of times]. Thanks for asking!


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