Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nocturnal Monologue

That's what "nighttime blog post" turns into if you think about it too much : ) So anyways, I am here at night posting for the first time this week. I have been a little slack in posting for two reasons: the first is that I/we have been extremely busy this week. [though that's no excuse for some of you I know]. This brings me to my second reason: Several of the other bloggers in my blogging community have been keeping tabs on me [or I've been working at their house] and posting those on their blogs. Hence, it's probably old news to tell you all that I was working at all sorts of odd jobs and yard work at the Wilson's for Tuesday and Wednesday. You probably also know that the reason we went over there was to help get ready for Morgan's graduation on Saturday. So what do I post? I guess I'll tell you about some fringe things that I did in the cracks in between. Let's see, on Monday we did a small pruning and mulch job in V.B. We worked pretty late that night in a wonderful Fall mist and generally blustery evening. [ the lady at the 7-eleven afterwords said in reference to my appearance, "you soaki wet!"] Tuesday at the Wilson's for me was all sorts of bush and shrub trimming and pruning. As well as limbing up the crepe myrtles down the drive way. It came out pretty well. Oh- On Tuesday afternoon Mr. Scott sent me down to Capron with the stock trailer to pick up 3,000 lbs. of feed for the animals. That was a good trip. On Wed. I went back to the Wilson's with Dad and Anna and Leah to finish up the yard work and do other little things. Mom came and picked up the little Wilson's to take them back to our house for the afternoon. She also took Anna back and dropped Leah off at the Thompson's house. When I was done that evening, I drove over to the Thompson's to pick her up. I was supposed to time it right so that we could play some volley ball, but I stayed too late doing milking shows for the Wilson's. [much to some people's good natured chagrin : ) Well, the Ts took pity on my muddy and grassy appearance and fed me a turkey sandwich, freshly grown broccoli, and tortilla chips with salsa. They even gave me an homemade apple dumpling for dessert! [here's a little side note: I made Mom and the girls jealous by telling them about the dessert, so they got the recipe today and made them tonight! :) Okay, today was lawns with Matthew, and they went well. He faithfully brought his Ipod, [Thanks lil' music buddy :) and we only got drizzled on a little bit. One last thing, please remember that next Tues. is voting day! Please be active in your role as a representative of Christ in our Nation! Also, I think this weekend is time change time. [that's a little random] Well, I think I'm going to go try one of those apple dumplings! I hope you all have a good night!


  1. Thanks for the new post! I like your title! Kelsey

  2. Hey Daniel,
    Maybe I shouldn't ask this, but I just have to. Were Rachel's dumplings as good as mine? lol! Good luck answering that one diplomatically.


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