Friday, October 9, 2009

In Which The Gentleman From Va. Starts his weekend

Happy Friday evening to the various and sundry! Yours Truly is dirty, dusty, hat-haired, and generally physically tired out.[My mind is just getting going for the night though]. All of the contracted aerating and seeding is done, and the lawns that didn't get seed got mowed today. So that means that our customer work week is over:) Now don't get me wrong with my smiley face there; I believe that work is a very good thing that is enjoyable to do, and we also have some really nice customers; but, there is a distinct "Take-a-big-breath-and-kick-off-your-shoes-after-the-tiring-dusty-day-and-get-ready-to-spend-some-time-taking-care-of-some-things-around-your-own-house-and-spend-some-time-restoring-with-friends-and-family-and-driving-around-with-your-sisters-and-going-to-church-etc.-etc." feeling about a weekend that just is so timely and needed that you can't really beat it. Hence, my smiley face:) Well it looks like I'll get to start off my Sat. by going to a paintball game with some of the church boys that Aaron K. told me about earlier this week. I am slightly nervous though, because as some of you may know, well to put it frankly: I just about can't stand the sight of a snake. "What does this have to do with paint balling?" you might ask. Well, last week the people who's house we're going to found and killed a pretty big rattle snake. Ugh. [not the killing part, but the durn snake itself] So here's what my dilemma is: should I take comfort in the fact that since they've never found one before, the chances should be really slim to see one now that they just killed the only one they ever saw, OR, should I be scared to death because where there's one, there's probably more. Or even a nest of more. Creeps. So, that's my deal. Any thoughts from any of you folks out there? Is there anyone who shares my non-affections for snakes? Oh, well, if I'm here after tomorrow I'll let you know how it went. Or maybe they'd let me use Wi-Fi from Chesapeake General Hospital.


  1. Sob,sniffle:( If you do go to the hospital, maybe I'll bring you some flowers;)

    Hope it goes well!!


  2. Hi Daniel,
    So, did you find any rattlers on your hunting expedition yesterday? :)

  3. Hey Daniel,
    One more thing, Oliver Alexander has a blog now,

  4. Don't worry Daniel I am totally with you on this one! Snakes are creepy!


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