Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainy Day

Good Morning everybody! Please do not be depressed by the title of this blog- I love rainy days! I'm excited as I see that Fall has definitely moved in. The air is cool and breezy and the "deciduous"[that's a big landscaper word for "trees that lose their leaves in the fall"] trees are really showing their colors. The Fall and most of Winter are some of my absolute favorite seasons. I know that my birthday's in there, but I don't think it's just that:) Well, here's some updates. "The King's Daughter" let our family borrow some DVDs. One featured Little Bear Wheeler and his talk about the life of William Wallace.[I'm finding some neat people in history that have my middle name for a first name.] That was really interesting, but I can't stand to hear about the way he died. The other DVD was Voddie Bauchum's talk on defending the Resurrection of Jesus. That was a great one as well. Okay, last night was GenJ and Cuccinelli's district campaign manager guy came and spoke to us about Ken and what we could do to help him if we were so inclined. If I can come up with some free time, I may be doing some door-to-door or sign waving or phone banking etc. [However, if you've been to my house recently, you've probably noticed my regiment of signs lining the road front]. Our aerating and seeding is coming along pretty well, and if we go to work today, I think we hope to finish. Hey did I mention that I'm reading the Federalist Papers? It's a book of editorials that were sent in to New York newspapers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, during the time that our country was deciding whether or not to ratify our constitution. These were called the Federalist Papers and were in support of the Constitution. Can you guess what the Anti-Federalist Papers were? Hope that you all have a good day, and I'll post again soon!


  1. Hi there,

    According to your "About Me" page you're a Narnia fan! That's awesome because, on my blog, I'm giving away three free copies of a new book that I think us Narnia fans are going to love. It's called Curse of the Spider King, by best-selling author Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper. If you're interested, Click here to check it out!

    -Jacob Parker

  2. I'm glad you liked the DVD's! William Wallace did have a terrible death. That was a very sad part of the talk! I love rainy days too! They make me want to curl up somewhere comfy, and read a good book, or watch a good movie. God bless! Joanna

  3. Daniel and Morgan,
    I have no idea why my blog would be acting up for you. It seemed to work fine for Elliot, strange.
    I'll give you a quick briefing if you don't mind; it was one of the most positive showings we've had, the couple really liked the house. the thing is that they had looked at 10 other houses before ours. They said they had "to think a few things over." I hope thats good news!!!


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