Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi guys! I've gotta make this really quick. 2 things- first , last night I went to a Republican H.Q. and phone-banked for the evening with GenJ. They had some cool machines over there, and we felt kinda fancy. Second, when I got home I found out that the Walkers had given Dad the This Moment Steven C. Chapman C.d.! And I had just been talking about wanting more S.C.C. c.d.s! I loaded it to the mp3 and I'm sure we'll enjoy it today! See you guys later and have a great day!


  1. Hey! That's a nice cd I like the acoustic versions of the songs. I can't beleive that tey let you phone bank for your man Deeds at the Republican H.Q. I guess the Republicans aren't what they used to be heh:)


  2. They were actually really understanding of my positions. Nice folks :) :)


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