Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hey Guys [and girls for the politically correct], it's 11:13 pm and I just got back from the County Fair a little while ago. Some of the kids are doing 4-H and I went to scout out the mid-way and tents and helped move the chickens around a little. Sorry I didn't get a chance to update this thing any sooner, but I didn't get back from D.C. 'til 12:45 am last night. Needless to say, I wasn't in the mood for blogging. Okay, here's the run down.[I should have some pretty cool D.C. pictures on here soon enough but not just yet]. I drove to the Tate's house on Wed. morning and got there around 7:15. We picked up Andrew and Caleb and then picked up the Matt, Evan, and Ms. Denise. We drove nice and swiftly to the capitol and only stopped once at WaWa. I had no need to worry about the Metro after all because we were running a little behind for our train. [Actually guys, I've always loved the Metro. It gives you that National Treasure feeling.] So we just drove right in and Mr. Larry let us off at the Longworth House Office Building. The House Offices are where every congressman from every state has an office. This takes up about 3 BIG buildings. Anyway, we had to go to Congressman Peter Hoekstra's office for the PRA briefing. There was a really good show of people who were volunteers for this event and the briefing did include the Free Lunch :) It was catered by Subway:) After the congressman spoke, a professor from Patrick Henry College spoke about some of the legal aspects of the CRC and PRA. To finish up, the director of spoke to us as well. After that, our group was teamed up with 3 PHC students and we received our list of meetings for the day. Our specific group didn't actually get to meet face to face with a congressman, [though we were supposed to, the thing was that there are all sorts of bells and buzzers in every room and hallway that call Congress to vote. This guy left to vote right before we got to his office.] However, we met with the staff of three or four congressmen [including Bobby Scott's and Glen Nye's] and dropped off literature at about 19 other offices. I think that with every team added up, we got at least literature to every single office. [But don't quote me too closely :)] After that, we bid our PHC friends farewell and did the quick walking tour of D.C. We walked past and took pictures in front of the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, we saw the Capitol, the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials, and finished up by taking the metro [yay!] from Union Station to Arlington Cemetery while Mr. Larry drove the van around to meet us. We got there just in time to walk to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and see the changing of the gaurd finish up. That was a really quiet and neat place. There were signs all around telling the visitors to remember that this was hallowed ground. From there we loaded back up and started the trip back home. We left D.C. around 7:30, stopped in Fredricksburg to eat at Chipotle's, and got home at 12:45 like I said before. It was a really excellant trip and I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and support. It was so neat to be going to the capitol of the nation founded on the Lord, and paid for with the blood of countless soldiers, to defend and stand up for the rights of the families of this country. And also to walk boldly and joyfully into the awesome privilage and responsibility that God has given us as citizens of the United States of America, to encourage our leaders as well as hold them acountable to God's Truth. Thanks for your time and God Bless America!

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