Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning!

Good morning to the various and sundry readers! How many of you all have heard of Generation Joshua? It's an organization started by Michael Ferris [as in HSLDA, Patrick Henry College, etc]. Our friends the Tates started one of two clubs in our entire state about one and 1/2 years ago. I got involved back in Februaryish and I have really loved it and learned a lot from it. God has been working in my heart for quite awhile about our role as Christians in the country that God has placed us in. May we not shy away from or avoid carrying His Crown Rights into what are really raging spiritual battles for our nation's heart. For any of you who have felt similar stirrings or really don't know what you think about "Christians in politics", I would strongly recommend a c.d. set by Doug Phillips called, " Biblical Principles of the Ballot Box". It's kind of a wordy title, but an excellent message. Hey, if you see me soon and want to borrow it, feel free. [It's actually being borrowed out right now, but I expect it back real soon] p.s. I won't make you fill out a tape report:) Anyways, GenJ has been a wonderful tool in shaping my worldview related to this topic and giving me practical avenues to live it out. Big thanks to the Tates for all of the energy, rides, scheduling, emails, phone calls, etc. A GenJ club is only as good as you make it, and ours is great! Any questions or anything, feel free to leave a comment or give me a call. [I think most of you have my number so I won't leave it for the creeps that are probably swarming all over this blog;) Oh, the reason I've expounded on the virtues of GenJ this particular morning, is that our next monthly meeting is tomorrow night. I guess I'm excited. If anybody knows anything about the Warne Fellowship by the way, I'd love some more info on that. Hey! We just got word that our Uncle and Aunt in New York want us to come up and see them again this winter! They've been extremely generous in flying us older kids up to spend a vacation week for the past two years. We're really looking forward to it! I also hope to go to the San Antonio Independant Christian Film Festival next October. [I was supposed to go in Feb., but they moved it to Oct. 2010] Oh well, maybe the extra time will give me a chance to enter something in it. Well hey, hope you all have a great first day of the week and say hi to your families for me!

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  1. Hey Daniel!
    Yeah, I've heard of GenJ. What a coincedence! I was going to that meeting tonight, too! Hope ta see ya there!


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