Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Agent 1- here's your briefing

Good evening. I'm posting this at around ten o'clock even though the silly little clock thing will say I did it a few hours earlier. Now that that's settled, we just got back from work about 1/2 an hour ago. Big pruning job. Two story hollies that had to be brought down a ton. Tall ladder. Sharp hollies. Good job. Tired boy. Anyway, we were safe thankfully, despite some arial gymnastics on my part. All in all they look pretty good. Please though, if you're going to plant them, do it in a very deep, very dark place in some woods that I've never been to:) But hey, now they're good til next time. I would like to specially thank Mr. Elliot for being the very first follower of this blog! And Mrs. M for leaving the very first comment! I will cherish this moment for evah! :) On the way home from work today[tonight], we stopped by Wal-Mart to get a white shirt for D.C. By the way, I heard through my grapevine of top secret informers that the Parental Rights people are giving us Free Lunch. [I have always loved free lunch!] All this to say, I'm getting pretty excited about tomorrow's trip. My last experience with the metro however, involved a few hours of waiting on an underground platform and Rachel leading Sarah and Mom off at the wrong stop from the other end of the train. Maybe I'll get some reconciliation and healing tomorrow;) By the way, my two previously mentioned sisters have very sweetly volunteered to fill in my place at work tomorrow. It's bush-hogging and weed-whacking 2 big lots that have gotten really out of hand. I should bring them something back. These same two sisters are antsy to post on their wonderful little blog called ourfamilyviewfromustwo.blogspot.com it's worth looking at [and they'd love a comment while you're there.] Oh, the reason I called this post a spyish thing is that my informants also told me that during Free Lunch, we'll be getting briefed on our assignments and tactics for the day. Spyish:) Please pray for the trip and that the Lord would ready the hearts of the leaders for this message. [While you're at it you could throw me in a good word related to the .....metro.]

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  1. Hey Daniel,
    Thanks for sending us the link to your blog!
    I hope the parental rights thing went well yesterday.
    See ya'll Sunday!


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