Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thurs. Night

Good evening to all my readers. Hey- do you want to hear my cheesy joke of the day? Well, seeing as you can't really answer me on that one, here it goes: What do I feel like after listening to Klove's version of " Lord I Lift Your Name on High"? PETRA-fied :) ;) [hey I know it's cheesy, but you can't say I didn't warn you.] Matthew's probably groaning big-time right about now:) Okay, moving right along. If any of you have any favorite jokes or the like, feel free to post them as comments. If a lot of people do, maybe I'll post some of the funniest ones on the actual blog. Hey, some of you may have heard that Rachel, Sarah, and I, worked on some commercials for the Parental Rights Amendment video contest with the Tates and their friends. [some of you all were in them yourselves.] This week is the week that we're supposed to hear about the results from the judges. The biggest prize is $250. Whatever the turn out is, they were a ton of fun to work on and it was my first chance to work from a script. [By the way, we were just helpers, the script, score, and shot layout, etc. were done by Grace and her friends]. Anyway, it was still a great experience. Oh by the way, after the GenJ meeting the other night, we reconvened for about 2 minutes and I got elected to be the media relations kind of guy. [It was neat for me at least:) Speaking of that, I know I said I'd get some D.C. pictures on here. The deal is, I have to get them from video I took up there. I've loaded the video onto my computer, and now I have to grab frames and turn them into Jpegs. Then I can put them on a flash drive and bring to the office computer and load them onto here. But I'll get to work on it. Alright, I'm gonna get going. Looking forward to seeing some of you at least on Sat. for the youth night. Bye!

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  1. UUGGHH!!! You didn't tell me it was THAT cheezy;)
    I'm jest kidin,thats pretty good. anyway good luck on the contest, I know that must be exciting
    plus the fact that YOU, out of all the people I know who like media more than you,(which would be nobody)would be chosen for that position, if thats what you call it.
    Can't wait for pictures



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