Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey Everybody! Thanks for taking the time to look at my lil' ol' blog! I'm excited to start this thing up and see what happens. I hope that over time we'll be able to cover a variety of subjects and musings with this thing and maybe you'll get to know me a little better along the way. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have a soap box to stand on; and I hope you all find this enjoyable and not too, too, boring. Okay, Let's get down to business. As this is new for me I'm not going to start with anything too drastic; so I'll just practice by telling what I did today. I kinda' slept in [after staying up late again], and then I ate 1/2 a bagel and some leftover hot dogs.[I know it sounds a little weird but hey]. After I got ready for church, I took the little kids to the Tate's in my car [that's where church was today.] We had a typical good morning of worship and Bible teaching and stayed around for lunch and playtime. Dad took everybody but me, Rachel, and Sarah back home. We lingered for a while longer and played music and I shot some targets with Mr. Matt's bow. [It's really nice and he got it from a thrift store! I guess I never go at the right times]. We also went inside and talked about how they really should have put "the scourging of the Shire" in the LOTR movies. We eventually left and went to 7-11 for some you-know-whats :) After arriving back at the house, Mom and Dad left for their date night and I barely got the grass cut before dark. [ We had to do our customers' lawns yesterday 'cause we got a ton of rain this week]. Well that's about the whole day more or less. Tomorrow the Thompsons and Alaina are going to come over to make cookies with Mom and the girls for a prison ministry. I hope to be able to go to Washington D.C. on Wednesday to go to the meetings has set up with our local congressmen regarding the parental rights amendment. This is a really key issue that is facing our country right now. We are talking about the question of "who do the children of this nation belong to?". There are those in other countries as well as in our own who believe in essence, that children belong to the State and their parents should at best be "partners" with the government to raise these kids. This may seem on the surface to be just a confused group of people with the goal of protecting children- and I hope that that might be the deal for the majority of the supporters of the UNCRC. Having said that however, I must say that I believe that the root of this issue is alot more diabolical. What the heart of this "children's rights" movement is, is the complete socialization and breakdown of the family unit- the building block of every Godly society. It is a dark day when America wishes to strip parents -fathers and mothers-of their God-given and God-designed roles and claim the Inheritance from the Lord for her own plans and devices. But take heart. The Lord has raised up a large army of His families and people who will stand in the gap to say to this CRC bill "You Shall Not Pass!" These people are you and me. Please pray for God's protection for our families and thank Him for the opportunity that this situation provides for us, as Christians, to carry His standard boldy and proclaim His Truth. That is why I want to go to D.C. and ask our leaders to support a constitutional ammendment to protect parental rights. Well hey, I'm gonna' sign off here and I hope you've enjoyed this. See ya soon!

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