Monday, September 28, 2009

O.K. - I'm Back.

Hellooo. My last post was Thurs. night and I've been pretty busy for the weekend and everything. But hey, now we're kind of back to normal schedule for the week and I'll get back to business. Alright, updates: I got some great news through my informers the other day. After our trip to D.C. that I keep talking about, we recently got the encouraging news that every single Republican Congressman in the state of Virginia became a co-sponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment. This isn't just that they said they agreed with us or liked what we were doing; but that they actually put their names on the bill. This is a lot more meaningful than just verbal support because this is the equivalent of a line in the sand that they have crossed to say," Yes, I believe that the rights of parents to lead and direct their children are valid, important, and worth protecting from the real threats that we see on the horizon". I commend each one of our congressmen who believes that and is not ashamed to let their standpoint be known. [Now just to make it clear, I know that God is the one who works in the hearts of our leaders but I'm so thankful that He wants to use us as His tools!] Next on the list, our youth gathering was as Mom put it, "a smashing success". Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us! To those who couldn't make it, we missed you all and hope we can do it again soon. We played some volley-ball, Mrs. T jammed her finger and I tried to tape it up right. [thankfully a Dad that was dropping off his kids was a paramedic-type in the military and he showed me how to really do it.] [So now I'm secretly hoping that I play one of you guys in a volley-ball match soon and you jam your finger and I swoop in and save the day by astounding everyone with my super-amazing sports medicine knowledge on how to tape up fingers:) Well, not really, but if I ever am in that situation again, maybe I'll do something better than a duck tape bandage with a splint made of pencils. We also played kickball, some acting games, had ice cream, etc. The last people left at 10:46pm and we stayed up 'til about 12:00 watching the video we had taken. In the morning we went to church and I had been asked to bring something to share during the teaching time. I was thankful for the opportunity and the Lord allowed it to go pretty well [I didn't pass out or anything:) Mr. Scott and Aaron also spoke and the whole time was a blessing. It was all wet and squishy in the yard, so we mainly played some Catchphrase after lunch. All in all, we had a really good weekend. Today we started our yearly aerating and seeding for our lawn customers. The Wilsons let us borrow their Yanmar tractor to pull the tow-behind aerator since our ATV has a serious transmission issue. The tractor is working great though. Thanks guys! I think tomorrow we'll continue all that kind of work so that all the customers get their seed down and growing. Hey! Here's a shout-out to some new followers: Thanks to "Pckldr7" and "Shawn-tisha" for followin' along on this 'umble little blog:) Okay, pictures are in the works [and probably more than just D.C.] Okay, I hope you all have a good night and I'm gonna sign out here!

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  1. Hey, we all had lots of fun at y'all's house on Saturday! Thanks for hosting it. I loved the volleyball, as usaul, and the acting games were fun too! I'm excited to hear about your success in Washinton. Yeah!


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