Monday, September 14, 2009

How's it goin?

Hey guys! I got some good news. I've been cleared by the owner of the company I work for to go to D.C. on Wed. with my Generation Joshua group. This guy has been just like a father to me as I've been with this company:) I had quite a time figuring out how to see other people's blogs on Blogspot without knowing them and having them give you the address. [I was thinking like a search engine or something here.] Anyways, I finally got it straight with some help from my sister Sarah. Every interest in your profile is like a link to other bloggers with those same interests posted! [at least it was a big deal for me:)] Today I stayed home and worked around the house because Dad was just doing business errands and stuff. What I mostly did was worked on chipping up the big brush pile that has accumulated in the past months. We borrowed a 3-point chipper from some friends and put it on our Kubota. This thing works really well and can take stuff up to 6" in diameter. However, it has a little trouble with loose leaves and the like. I had to unjam it quite a few times. I finished up after I fixed the biggest jam ever. Dad and I spent probably an hour+ freeing it up. The girls and Mom had some friends over to bake cookies for a prison ministry and I got to sample their work.[Nice day to stay home] One thing I'm working on is a documentary about the whole process that the Lord used to bring us out to our new house in the country. Our family of 9 were living in a small townhouse in the city and over about 3 years He led us to sell it, move to a rental, and build a homestead house on 24 acres in rural Virginia. It was a very growing and big and exciting process and it deserves to have it's story told. In the middle of everything else though, it's kind of been back burner. I need to shoot interviews and decide who I want to interview and what I want to ask them before that.[for one thing] I want to get back to work on it and get it wrapped up while it's still relatively fresh. My last film project was working on some commercials for the Parental Rights Ammendment with some friends from church. Well I better go, so thanks for reading!

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