Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Student Action Teams

Hey guys! How's the fall? I hope everyone's enjoying it so far and doing well.

I'm going to make this a short post, as I have some packing to take care of. As some of you may remember, I'm involved with a group called Generation Joshua that's part of HSLDA. GenJ is a Christian youth civics organization that trains young people in worldview, campaigning, government, politics, etc. Each election cycle, they send out Student Action Teams [or SATs] This year they have SATs all around the country and they've asked me to help lead the one in Chicago area. [Originally I was supposed to go to New Mexico, but at the last minute plans changed]. Anyways, I'm scheduled to leave tomorrow morning and meet the rest of the team at O'Hare airport. I would appreciate it if you all would keep these SATs in your prayers [as well as the elections in general] I pray that God would use His people to elect Godly candidates to lead our nation. Please also pray for safety as we travel and walk around talking to people, and stay in host homes. I will probably be in charge of a group of kids that will go around and campaign, sign wave, phone bank, etc. I'd also love prayer for my work with the kids and for the kids themselves during this week. I should get back on the 3rd of November, and if I'm not dead maybe I'll post a recap of our time :) [I mean dead tired......don't get all excited yet...I hope to live a good long time more ;) In other news, I finally got my laptop that I bought a few weeks ago.... :D it's pretty great! I'm thankful to have it, and now I have to pay case money [fiddlesticks] oh well, I found a case at Wal-mart that I think will be good. In even other news, please pray for "The Child" documentary. We hope to have it wrapped up and ready to be sent to the replicator by tonight!! I've been over at the office several nights this past week working on behind the scenes, but Grace and Daniel and Elissa have been pretty full time for a long time now. Please pray for everyone involved and the impact that God wants this movie to have. Incidentally, we are in the midst of scheduling showings all around the country [hopefully 5 in every congressional district I think!] The point is, we hope to have one near you! If you want to find out where it is, go to and look to see if they have the showing list up yet. If there's not one near you, how about hosting you own showing? [Pretty fancy to tell people, "yeah me and my family like to premiere movies every now and then.. we know some filmmakers and they always give us the inside scoop" ;-) [or something like that] Well hey, I'd better go pack so I hope everyone's doing well, and to see some of you guys soon somehow! Ciao.


  1. Hope you have a good time! :)

  2. Have a good trip!
    Cool, laptops are nice. :)
    I hope the movie does really well! Any more word on it yet?

  3. Wow! O'Hare... I have been there! Don't get lost! Haha although you're already gone... but have a good time!


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