Friday, October 8, 2010

The Newest "Child" Trailer

Hey Everyone! Here's the link to our most recent "The Child" trailer: "The Child"  It's really cool and it shows alot more of the interviews that we did on our trip.

Also, last night I got to work the Parental booth at the Peanut Festival. I had the late shift [8-10:30pm], but I still got some great responses from was cool ;) We also have a TV that loops our main two trailers for the documentary...[so you have something to watch if no one comes by ;) But yeah, I think that every person I talked to [except maybe one person] had a favorable reaction to the PRA. So we'll keep praying and spreading the word. Also, as I've said before, feel free to stop by to find out more! Okay, well I've gotta run, so you all have a great day!


  1. Hello. Sounds like your keeping busy.
    How was the peanut festival?
    I see you quote Patrick Henry a true confederate.


  2. Yay! We passed the Un-Yankee-fying test! :P


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