Sunday, November 22, 2009


Good evening to all you bloggers! How's everybody doing? I'm doing pretty well, though mentally kind of tired. Mom and Dad are out w/my uncle and Aunt for her birthday, and we're watching everyone around here. We had church today at our house, and it was announced that we'll continue to use our house for the winter months for church. As the Lord has been growing us, it's getting harder to fit all of our church family into one place. That's kind of a good problem to have :) Alrighty, let's see here. Oh! Thanks to Miss Shaina and the Butler family for signing on as followers. Hope you enjoy it! Well, I was pretty busy this past week with storm clean-up and the Wilson's turkeys. They had a really great day of turkey business yesterday from what I hear. I'm also trying to work on stuff for my graduation. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving [and my day-after birthday:), and the start of the holiday season! Hey, I want to thank everyone once again for the fun with all of the question and answer stuff. You all had some really great questions [as well as some really weird ones ;), and I hope the answers were satisfactory. [As far as slavery goes Oliver, I don't think there's any one verse in the Bible that says, "Thou shalt not own slaves", but I think if we look a little deeper, we see our Lord's heart on this issue. I believe that slavery is not of the Lord. Jesus Himself came to this earth to free us from the ultimate level of slavery- the bondage of sin. I can't see how it would rationally follow to feel free to enslave a fellow sinner that Jesus was willing to die for. I'm not talking about criminal justice or anything like that, but the buying and selling of human beings as a matter of course. That's pretty much my world-view on this issue]. Okay, moving right along. I want to let you guys know that I have some [what I think are] pretty cool ideas for blog posts coming up pretty soon. I'm not at liberty to tell you all of what they're about because then they wouldn't be "fresh, new, and exciting!" =) hee hee. Well hey, I'm going to sign off here because Benjamin and I are going to do some nighttime wood chopping outside. [as in we're not going to do it inside ;) I hope that you all have a good evening and I hopefully you shall hear from me in not-to-long-of-a-time! p.s. How's everybody enjoying the fall? I love this time of year and it's looking really beautiful around here!


  1. Hey Daniel,
    Excellent thoughts regarding the slavery issue! We appreciate all of ya'lls help this past week! Hope you all have a good thanksgiving,

  2. You're welcome.
    Good thoughts on slavery.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey!
    I liked your comments about the slavery issue! It was well put. Happy Birthday! (And a happy Thanksgiving to your whole family). I love the fall as well.

  4. Isn't is wonderful that Christ sets us free! I am ever in wonder of that thought! Yet, so many times we try to return to the yoke of bondage. I love the fact that we are free from sin through Christ Jesus!
    I'm glad things went well this weekend. Happy Thnaksgiving!

  5. Hey Daniel! I read the comment you left on Matthew's blog. You spelled griffin gryfon or something like that. Is your spelling or mine correct? Did your ride it in the front? Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! ~Kelsey

  6. I thought I'd seen it spelled "gryphon" before, but I have no real reason. We both knew what we were talking about though, so I'll let this one slide ;)

  7. Oh no we are not letting this one slide! Just kidding! ;)Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to your graduation party! ~Kelsey

  8. Hey everyone!! Back up and let the ol' spellin' master in. It is spelled "Griffin" and yes, Kelsey, I do very much enjoy riding that ride. We(Rachel and I were partners) were in the middle row. I do hope to be able to ride that one again.

  9. Hey Matthew! We were in the second row! I'm not gonna' stand to be told I experienced less delightful terror! :) Rachel

  10. Hey Daniel,
    Happy Thanksgiving to ya all!
    Hows it going? Happy Birthday too!

  11. Happy Birthday Daniel!
    See you on the 5th!

  12. Happy late birthday!!!! I LOVE THE FALL! It's my favorite season. :D Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving. May I call you Leinad?
    ~Lucy the Valiant


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