Thursday, November 12, 2009

Answers for the Questions Act I

Whew! What do you all think of this storm?! It's been pretty fierce out there for the past couple of days. Man alive, you all do me quite an honor to ply me with such a varied, tricky, insightful, funny, smart, and sometimes politically loaded array of questions! I thank you all for asking away. Well, to start off I'll keep with my tradition of thanking the new followers....... [drum roll] Thank You Miss Anna for signing up to our growing [though slower than my wonderful sisters] blog! It's my wish that all of the readers enjoy these postings and have as much fun as I do! And now for our answers, right after the break [intro into Coke commercial] =) Ha.Ha. Okay, I have been mulling these little fellers over in my lil' ol' head and I'll give you at least some of the answers. So here goes nothing:

Q: If you had the choice of playing volleyball or playing guitar w/ friends who also played, which would it be?

A: Hmm. If it was volleyball with all of our regular crowd, I might pick that [first at least] because it would include alot more of the people and be really fun! [Not to slight the great fun we have guitar playing:)

Q: Do you like to go to big concerts [like at Scope] or smaller scale concerts [colonial heights church (Tim Hawkins)]

A: I would have to say that for a music concert I'd tend toward the Chrysler Hall, Scope, big area type venue. [Although some guys it's just more fun to see in a smaller setting i.e. Michael Card.]

Q: Who would you have fought for if you lived during the war between the States, and why?

A: Okay, this is one of those politically charged ones. I know that in VA home school circles it seems to be a trend to stick with Dixie Land [and more than that I am known as "The Gentleman From Virginia"], but I'm going to try to give you my true feelings/beliefs on the issue. [I know that sounds like a, how did you put it, "Stompin' right Yankee" Oliver :) Here's the deal. I must confess that I'm not as studied up on the Civil War as much as I'd like to be [hats off to all of you C. war historian types], but as far as who I'd fight for, I'd have to put my locational allegiances aside and chose the side that I believed the Lord wanted me on. That said, I'm not in love with all of the aspects of the South or the North. I absolutely agree that slavery is wrong and needed to be eradicated from our nation [no matter how much like family they were supposedly treated]. However, I also believe in States' sovereignty and protecting their rights in our constitution. I am rusty as I previously admitted and I'm not very up to date on secession rights. [though others seem to think Texas and VA only have them now]. Anyways, I am definitely against a hasty or rash secession no matter what the rights are. I think that our country is safest and has had God's blessing as the United States of America. I would be against secession for petty or short-sighted reasons. [I don't, however, know the particular reasons for each state's desire to secede. I'd appreciate enlightenment:) I do believe though, that there were godly men on either side of the Mason-Dixon and I would have to put much prayer and more thought into official "signing up". One last thing to this long answer: I would not at all make my decision with just the typical "it was about slaves, slavery is wrong, go North, North, North" mindset. I believe there were errors on both sides that are very worth considering.

Q: What's your fav. Christmas arrangement of a song?

A: Ahh. A lighter answer. I love Christmas music and many different Christ. songs, so I'll have to pick just one and give my favorite arrangement. I'll go with Steven Curtis Chapman's version of "Carol of the Bells". It's always a beautiful song and his version is extremely well done with alot of guitar!

Q: What is your favorite style to play on your guitar?

A: It really depends on my mood and sometimes how tired I am. [I hope I don't sound like the moody artist type. Just think of David and the psalms:) If I'm fresh, and not groggily tired, I will often chose a very upbeat song with complicated strum patterns or ornamentation. If I'm at the end of my day [or in a rainy day like these], I might tend towards working on "Carol of the Bells" or "Mary Did You Know" with some really nice finger picking.

Q: Have you ever owned a pair of penny-loafers?

A: Several times when I was younger. [complete of course, with brand-new, shiny, pennies :)

Q: Do you like nuts?

A: I am nuts. Seriously though, I love salted peanuts. You can have those unsalted excuse-for-a-peanut things. As far as other nuts go, it's not that I hate any kind of nut, but I don't typically choose them. [for the record, as far as nuts inside of treats and things- don't even make me go there. If they were supposed to have nuts in them, they would have been born with 'em.

Alright, I'm kind of sleepy so I'll get finish these up later. By the way, feel free to ask any more Qs that you care to. We're still open :)


  1. Hey Daniel!
    I kinda figured a couple of those answers, but what can I say. That just shows how much I know you:) I may be able to bring dad's drum tomorrow( I don't think he'll let me take it to the dance [I need to get my own])but maybe for later we can play or something.
    See you tomorrow.

    Ps. I seem to have a theme goin' on here, I have been first commenter for the last couple posts:)

  2. hey guys!
    write now i'm the oldest cuz Morgan and Katie are at the party. see ya'll tomorrow!

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  4. Mr. talkalot,
    The federal constitution gave the states the right to secede from the union, a right that your man "evil Abe" obviously saw fit to stomp on. The allied forces did not think it was a simple action. That is, Japanese fighter jets flying over American territory and killing 2402 Americans(not to mention wounding 1282 Americans). Therefore, I believe that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki(not Tokyo)should not be counted as a "uncompassionate" act.

    The Real American

    to the self claimed "real American"
    what about the south attacking fort sumter is that not like the Japanese attacking pearl harbor?
    and i would also like you to point out where the cont.. gave these rights?

    - the bibletott'n, gun weild'n, home-schooled indoctrinated, passionate conservative!!!!!!
    no hard feelings :) ;)

  5. Hey Daniel,
    Good job! I was fun last night! And to think I was number 1. for three times!!=)
    O.K, for the past few days we have been TRYING to "batten down the hatchets" for all our animals before the rain and wind settles in.
    Well, today didn't go so well=) we were outside ALL day Thursday in the storm changing all our Thanksgiving turkeys around to another dry place.(325 turkeys by the way) The tractor got stuck and we where pushing and putting down lots of hay!, Well, we got it out but we couldn't use it anymore so... we had to walk then<=( Than, we got our broilers situated and than we did the pullets!
    Than I milked. It was 10:00pm when I tolk a shower!=O
    Well, T.T.F.N!;)
    P.S see you guys in a few hours!!

  6. Yo, Mr. T
    Just for your FYI me and Hannah gathered 423 grubs today=)


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