Friday, August 6, 2010

"Hi! I'm From Whirlwind Tours....."

"Hey there! I'm your friendly local Whirlwind Tours representative. We are here to assist you in all your traveling plans and preparations. Shoot, we'll take care of everything for you while you just try to keep up with our pace. So strap yourself in [keeping all arms and legs inside the vehicle] and get ready for adventure!"

Okay, so much for the tour guide bit, but it does feel good to be writing an update about my after iGovern life :) The fact is, is that I am getting ready to leave tomorrow morning on a 3-week tour around the eastern half of the nation to do the principle shooting for "The Child". [The movie that the Tate family is producing]. Earlier this week,we were in D.C. for a few days getting to do some really cool interviews with some high-profile people [Mike Farris, Wendy Wright, Heritage Foundation, congressmen, etc.] =) That went great, but not without its fair share of adventure [sideswipings in D.C. traffic, technical difficulties, over-chlorinated pools etc.] However, the Lord blessed it and we had a great time. Now comes the long haul. Ms. Gina is the travel coordinator, Mr. Larry is the producer, Grace is the director and Daniel Tate, Justin Wright, Alaina Wright, a new friend Ray Ma, and myself are the crew [with embroidered Polo's to prove it ;) We are excited as well as wondering what it will all be like. All of your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we are on this journey and I hope to be able to update this blog a good bit while I'm on the road. It looks like I might be the bloggy guy for the production, so I will post links or whatever as I figure all that out. We also have a Facebook page, but I am not completely up on that as of yet. Well hey, I have packing to do, so I'd better run, but I hope you are all doing well, and look out to hear from me soon! Hi-yo Silver.........


  1. O that is really neat :D have fun! I love making movies :D

  2. That is really neat. Hope everything goes well for ya'll!

  3. We'll miss you while your on your manifest destiny.


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