Monday, February 8, 2010

11:54 PM

Hey guys! It's me, I have broken the silence of the cobb-webby corridors of this blog. Once again, my sincerest apologies for the lack of postings. I do declare that it is my greatest intention and desire to post so much more frequently. And I do have several post ideas stirring in my mind. Yes, the music tag from Ms. Butler is underway. I have been privileged to have had at least two impromptu rehearsals with the various artists that will be recording with me, and we're working on it. [Still trying to work on the release of our latest album and finish lining up all the tour dates.] Seriously though, if this pulls off well, I will consider doing "concert video" posts every now and then. [If it is desirable] By the way, I use brackets instead of parentheses because I prefer [this], to (this). My reasoning goes two ways. One is that it seems to lend a certain definitiveness and maturity to the type, and the second reason is that you don't have to press shift to get the brackets. [I did not randomly decide to mention that, I was asked why on Abigail's blog] So, most of you all who follow this blog, follow the esteemed "Our Family View From Us Two", and "Step By Step He'll Lead Me" blogs. For that reason, I will not go over the wonderful time we had with Matthew's surprise party and skits in their full detail. Suffice it to say that it was decidedly great. I don't know if this part got mentioned or not, one of the other major highlights was that we had a really nice time of playing and singing all of our favorite songs with Uncle David doing an excellent job with his drum set. [No surprises there:) Okay, you may have heard that we are to set off on a northern expedition on Friday. It is true and I am looking forward to it with much excitement! I absolutely love airports. They make me feel very important and rich :) I even get a little thrill from getting pulled out of the line for a surprise security check and coming off clear. [That's probably a good thing, because I get pulled at almost every opportunity. I must look suspicious or something. Anyway, if I had a security phobia, I would almost certainly not enjoy airports like I do. Ok, one last thing before I go. After leaving Matthew's party on Fri. night, I drove home with my sisters and Daniel Tate. It was the worst driving conditions I'd ever been in. It was a nor'-easter and we were leaving the ocean front. Thankfully we made it home safe and sound [though I might have taken a few years off of DT's life:) and were able to tell everyone about the great time we'd had. The unfortunate thing was that when we got out of the car in the rain-storm, my cell phone fell onto the ground and spent the night in the wetness. When I found him in the morning, I put him into a bag full of rice for 24 hours and then tried him out again. He responded but has no control over the left side of his keypad. All that to say, I have a new phone on the way that should be here by tomorrow or something. Thankfully Dad had thought it a good idea to buy insurance for my phone when we got it. [I'm not that huge of a liability though, I have a mostly good track record:) So, for $50 I can be back in business. The replacement is not the same because my phone had some life on it, but according to them, it's a better phone. [Better for what is my question!] But hey, I'm sure it'll do fine. Alright, I'd better head off to my upstairs. Thanks for reading and see you all later!


  1. Hey Daniel! Nice post, but I didn't even know you'd done one till this morning!! (you closet blogger ;) Just kidding!

  2. It's nice to hear you are still alive in the "blogging world," as I call it! Sorry about your phone! Once Dad left "A Basket Of Flowers," outside on the side-walk in the rain and it's nice hardback cover was ruined. :( I'm hoping that if I wet it again I can get it to dry flat. Anyway have a great week! ~Kelsey

  3. Hey,good to read another post from you. I always enjoy reading them, they are so witty. Sorry about the death of your departed, dearly loved phone. Hope the next ones proves to be a good replacement.
    The music time was great at Matthew's party!!

  4. Nice to see you back, I thought that you had left the blogging world. :-D haha

  5. Hello sorry I have not commented in a while, we just got our internet back.
    Did ya'll enjoy the snow? We did.

  6. does it have full qwerty keyboard for texting????? what about internet??? touch capability? third party apps? does it run android 2.0? ;-) jjk
    good to hear from you.

  7. ooh one more thing is your phone water proof?


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